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How it works!

420 Software automates critical business workflows for marijuana dispensaries. How do we do this?

  • Optimizes patient on-boarding and processing via streamlined POS.
  • Dual screen capabilities for patient overview of their order (customers love this feature).
  • Inventory is tracked at the transaction level with integrated scales (reducing human error and theft our scales give accurate pricing).
  • Upholds employee accountability via bio-metric thumbprint scanning which assists in keeping track of employees hours and labor costs.
  • Accounting, reporting, and mmj inventory management can be handled remotely by owners in real-time, allowing them to visualize and understand trends and customer behaviors.

As experienced marijuana dispensary owners, it is our mission to make your job easier. We do this by providing a state of the art, integrated mmj software solution built specifically for you, the dispensary owner.

We built it from the ground up for marijuana business owners, keeping in mind the difficulties you face of maintaining accurate account details. With over 10 years of experience in the medical marijuana industry, our team has developed the most user-friendly dispensary management system available

Simply request a demo, and one of our representatives will show you how easy running your business can be., and one of our representatives will show you how easy and simple running your business can be.

Use any PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone to run, organize, and optimize your business.

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What Makes 420 Software Different from All Other Seed to Sale Software Solutions?

A. We are a mmj software solution that was created BY dispensary owners FOR dispensary owners. We put our time and energy into creating a cannabis software system that is customized to meet your business needs. Optimized checkout, inventory control, real time reporting and so much more.

Can I cancel any time?

A. We believe in our product and want to provide you with the highest changes of success. If you find that our solution is not right for your cannabis business, you can cancel at any time effective the next business cycle.

What if I don’t have time to learn a new Software?

A. Our platform and feature suites are very intuitive and save you 90% more time compared to other marijuana dispensary software solutions. We will train your staff and will also provide the resources for you to learn at your own pace. We also offer one-on- one training to get your marijuana dispensary business up and running quicker.

What if my Internet goes down in my store?

A. We have a complete offline solution that keeps your business up and running.